Clothes Show Live - Social Media Optimisation

Social Media Optimisation

The Challenge

Clothes Show Live is the largest consumer fashion event in the UK. Our challenge was to develop a social media strategy that maximised the number of people participating in their Facebook competition app.

What We Did

Marketing Metrix developed a social media strategy that integrated cold email and Facebook campaigning to maximise competition response. Four email creatives and five email subject lines were tested to drive prospects to the app. The best combination was rolled out and those who engaged with the email activity were then retargeted using Facebook advertising.

The Outcome

The emails achieved and average open rate of 12% and an average click through rate of 8% resulting in 18,500 competition sign ups. Furthermore, their Facebook likes increased by 20% in 2 days.

  • 300% increase on results
  • 20% Facebook 'likes' increase