Samaritans - Lifetime Value Analysis

Lifetime Value Analysis

The Challenge

Samaritans have implemented acquisition campaigns but wanted to explore how recruitment campaign related to donor value beyond their initial response. Our challenge was to develop a recruitment strategy that maximises long term donor value.

What We Did

Marketing Metrix looked at a series of key statistics to identify which acquisition campaigns brought the most value to Samaritans over a 5 year period. This included everything from ROI and retention rates to average donation value and demographic make-up. The cost of ongoing communications were taken into account to make the analysis reflective of donors’ true lifetime value.


The Outcome

Samaritans were provided with detailed recommendations and corresponding evidence to be implemented in their ongoing acquisition campaigns. Initial results led to an improvement in the quality of supporters recruited. The strategy has since been rolled out throughout all campaigns.

  • D2D certain areas were suppressed
  • More quality supporters recruited