UNICEF - Identifying Legacy Prospects

Identifying Legacy Prospects

The Challenge

Along with most charities, UNICEF considers legacies as fundamental to their fundraising efforts. However, with legacy income declining they required a legacy CRM programme to cost effectively maximise the number of new legacies.

What We Did

First of all, UNICEF’s current pledging process was tested, the analysis showed that over 60% of donors who pledged went on to leave a legacy. This good news lead Marketing Metrix to develop a legacy CRM programme focused around the pledging process. A series of models were used to target and progress existing donors (who had previously shown no interest in leaving a pledge) through the following stages: enquirer, considerer, intender, pledger.

The Outcome

The legacy CRM programme was tested against their existing targeting methods and resulted in a 200% increase in the number of pledges.

  • 200% increase