Data Visualisation

What do we mean by Data Visualisation?

Data visualisation is the presentation of data in a creative and intuitive format. These visualisations reveal important information to expand your understanding of the market and uncover crucial customer insights, allowing your organisation to make speedy decisions and advancing the accomplishment of business objectives.

Our approach

  • A series of conversations with the stakeholders from your organisation to establish your business objectives and identify KPIs.
  • Developing the visualisations to create a reporting dashboard to accurately monitor business objectives whilst avoiding superfluous information.
  • Ongoing refinements to effectively track performance, uncover new insights and fit in with changing business objectives.

How it can help your business

Instantaneous access to the crucial statistics hidden within your database to allow you to make informed business decisions on a daily basis.


Marketing Metrix has expertise in a wide range of data visualisation solutions. For more information on the types of tools we use to facilitate bespoke, interactive dasboards please see the related services below.