EU Insights

What is EU Insights?

EU insights is a data insights resource that has information across all 28 EU member states.

How can it be used?

Using this resource, which has information on consumers and businesses across the 28 EU member states, analysis can be carried out for projects such as:

      • Surveys
      • Canvassing
      • Generating insights
      • Building awareness
      • Market research
      • Database development

To facilitate the above, we can develop email creatives, design surveys and generate HTML emails; communications can be delivered in all EU languages. 

Analysis can be run to augment existing data or research conducted by government organisations or businesses or new insights can be generated.

Who can use our services?

      • Political parties
      • Government institutions
      • Lobbyists
      • Conference organisers
      • Research agencies
      • Businesses

No matter what research your organisation is conducting, we can run surveys on real people and real businesses to provide the insights you require.