What is FastStats?

FastStats is a marketing data analysis, visualisation and campaign automation software to increase customer understanding and improve targeting.

FastStats Designer

FastStats Designer is a software that helps you build an integrated relational database creating a single customer view to facilitate marketing activity and analysis. Its “drag and drop” tools make light work of linking datasets, creating relationships and extracting information. Some of the functionality and key benefits include:

  • Connecting data from multiple sources from your existing software (including OLE DB, ODBC databases, delimited files, fixed column files and much more)
  • Automatically detects name, size, data type and content of variables
  • Data optimisation for better performance
  • Transforms data structures for marketing purposes
  • Refreshes data without interrupting users
  • Built in reporting for quality control

FastStats Discoverer

FastStats Discoverer is a data exploration, data analysis and marketing data mining software that gives you fast, easy, fingertip access to your data. Some of the functionality and key benefits include:

  • Train of thought analysis and visualisation
  • Increase customer understanding and improve targeting
  • Target markets with easy data selections and cross tabulations
  • Produce stunning Charts, Venn diagrams and Word Clouds
  • Create customer and marketplace segments directly from visualisations
  • Speedy analysis of big data sets
  • Proven statistical tools increase ROI
  • Extra modules integrate seamlessly for predictive modelling, geographical analysis and reporting

FastStats PeopleStage

FastStats PeopleStage is a multi-channel campaign management software that allows you to define, automate and implement multi-channel, multi-wave event driven campaigns using marketing process flow diagrams. Some of the functionality and key benefits include:

  • Flexible integration with many digital and CRM platforms
  • Save time and enhance group working
  • Drive intelligent, personal, data driven communications
  • Give your marketing the edge and achieve better performing campaigns
  • Create highly personalised messages
  • Control the frequency and concurrency of communications
  • Use powerful predictive models