London Citizens

Understanding Londoners...

With constant property developments changing the capital’s skyline and shifts in population from emigration and immigration, London’s communities and consumers are in a marketplace of their own.

As well as its landmarks and diverse culture, London is famous for being a city of “villages”. There is no one definition of a Londoner, with stark differences from neighbourhood to neighbourhood making the capital unique.

Being able to understand Londoners is key to any organisation looking to engage with the city’s occupants.

What is London Citizens?

Marketing Metrix has created London Citizens to harness the vast amounts of information surrounding the city and its population. London Citizens is a segmentation that splits the capital into 10 groups and 34 sub-groups.


  • Segmenting your customer database using London Citizens will allow you to determine significant demographic, social, behavioural and attitudinal factors. This insight can be used to increase customer response, value and retention.
  • Using London Citizens to develop highly targeted advertising campaigns will increase responsiveness. It is particularly useful for identifying and engaging with exclusive groups of people and specific types of areas within London.
  • London Citizens can be used to identify the best areas for new store locations.
  • The segmentation can be used to enhance research analysis, both qualitative and quantitative.
  • London Citizens can facilitate government decisions by providing insight surrounding specific London boroughs and other local areas.
  • For new or established companies wishing to set up in the capital for the first time, London Citizens can provide the intelligence needed to resolve important business decisions.

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London Citizens Overview

London Citizens Overview

London Citizens Segment Definitions

London Citizens Segment Definitions