What is MarketDeveloper?

A powerfully automated, fully trialled and field proven, hosted CRM solution that enables you to take control of your customer conversations.

The tool

MarketDeveloper allows you to do all your data marketing in one application by creating a single customer view. It gives you everything you need to load, manage and manipulate your marketing data from any browser or mobile device.

The Conversation Manager from MarketDeveloper is an online place to personalise your dialogue with customers. It is a highly advanced preference centre that directly connects these conversations to the rest of the platform.

As a cloud based application MarketDeveloper is available from anywhere. Cloud CRM hosting delivers the best database software with minimal IT involvement. At a stroke, you get a fully customisable marketing management solution at 50% of the typical cost of a traditional system.


  • The system performs highly complicated segmentation quickly and simply. Ensuring each campaign is based on knowledge and insight
  • The platform enables you to create multi-channel, user driven triggered marketing campaigns to uplift response. Channels can be split, merged and endlessly configured
  • It’s a CRM engine that also incorporates conversational marketing, outlook integration, survey management, Salesforce and more