CRM Implementation

What do we mean by CRM Implementation?

This includes everything from creating bespoke databases from scratch to integrating existing systems to facilitate marketing activity and analysis.

Our approach

  • Before any work is carried out, your CRM requirements will be discussed in detail.
  • Build a unique CRM solution using bespoke designs, existing systems, or a combination of both.
  • Load all existing data from all sources and formats.
  • Unify, format, clean and update all records.
  • External information can be added onto the database to provide more comprehensive information about your customers.
  • Automated CRM communications will be set up in line with your CRM strategy.
  • The size and sophistication of your solution is flexible, for scalable costs.

How it can help your business

An integrated CRM solution gives you access to all aspects of a customer's relationship with your company. This single customer view will allow you to understand your customers' behaviour completely and react appropriately to maximise customer value.

Selections for marketing campaigns can be made quickly and easily using filtering options across all data feeds.

We are able to hold your customer information in-house and provide you with secure access, or transfer the data onto your system, enabling you to use the information intelligently to increase campaign response.


Marketing Metrix has expertise in a wide range of off-the-shelf solutions. Our CRM implementation services will give you the consultancy and security you need to choose and implement a solution that’s right for your organisation. For more information on the types of tools we use to facilitate integrated and automated marketing activity and analysis please see the related services below.