CRM Strategy

What do we mean by CRM Strategy?

CRM Strategy is ongoing management of the relationship with your existing customers in order to increase sales and retention.

Our approach

  • Gain a thorough understanding of your company’s goals and objectives.
  • Put a strategic plan in place to optimise direct marketing through all channels, whether it is direct mail, email or telephone.
  • The strategy will include a practical approach to any creative testing your company wants to experiment with and ensure only the most successful tests are adopted on a regular basis.
  • Our data experts will identify which customers are receptive to which types of communications.

How it can help your business

An intelligent CRM strategy will improve your customer relationships by communicating to receptive customers, with relevant content, at a pertinent stage in their customer lifetime, therefore increasing customer engagement.

This will ensure your organisation is optimising data when tackling retention and reducing cancellations to increase profit and customer lifetime value. Optimising your CRM strategy in this way will increase retention and maximise income.