Customer Segmentation

What do we mean by Customer Segmentation?

 Segmentation is an analytical technique used to group similar customers into distinct segments.

Our Approach

  • Take your entire database.
  • Infill missing and add additional data using PollenUK™, Citizen™ and Peripheral Data Indicators.
  • Look at parallels between customers based on common characteristics (transactional, demographic or otherwise).
  • Use a series of statistical techniques to establish distinct pockets of customers within your database that can be incorporated into your communications plan.

How it can help your business

Customer segmentation makes large databases more manageable.

The segments can be used to drive creative development and categorise groups of customer most responsive to specific marketing promotions. For example, identifying a segment more likely to buy a particular product or upgrade for charitable organisations, a segment more likely to respond to a regular giving or legacy pledge appeal.

Using segmentation within your marketing plans will increase campaign profitability