What is Omniatt™?

Omniatt™ computes how much of a customer's conversion should be attributed to different media channels in an accurate and precise way. This scientific method looks at both on and offline media exposure throughout a customer's journey, whilst taking into account external events such as big news items and even competitor advertising.


Our approach

  •  We facilitate the collection of individual level website data which enables us to extract a consumer’s visits by date, time and acquisition channel as well as a flag to identify sessions that result in conversion.
  • Once the data has been extracted, our data scientists manipulate the information to create individual level customer journey maps.
  • Offline media channel activity data, such as TV, and external events are incorporated into the maps using the date to plot activity within each customer’s journey.
  • The customer journey maps are analysed to create an omni attribution model formula that predicts each media channel’s effect on conversion throughout the conversion journey.
  • The output values generated by the formula will reveal how much of an impact each media channel has on conversion whilst taking into account their position and time in the customer journey.


How it can help your business

  •  Omniatt™ allows companies to accurately calculate their omni-channel ROI.
  • Business decisions can be made using the insights generated to make sure advertising budgets are optimised and different types of prompts are triggered at the correct times throughout each customers journey.
  • This model is flexible and scalable so can be as simple or as complex as is required giving companies the opportunity to develop a custom solution that fits their requirements.
  • Different models can be developed for different segments of individuals to see how effective media channel is for distinct groups e.g. segments by product bought.