3 facts that prove why you need data on-boarding

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What is data on-boarding?

Data on-boarding is the integration of customer behavioural data across all channels to deliver differentiated audience experiences. Consumers, particularly Millennials, now expect collaborative marketing and user experiences from their desktops, tablets and mobiles to catalogues and the stores themselves. These 3 facts demonstrate why data on-boarding can help your business embrace the rise of the omni-channel shopper…

1. Customers who shop both on and offline with a particular brand spend 2.5 times more than average (Research from JCPenney)

By using a joint up approach to data analysis and insight, JCPenney has been able to take advantage of the omni-channel shopper mentality. Not only have they reversed the frightening position they faced three years ago, but they’ve maintained momentum by learning to recognise their customers across channel, treating them as individuals and not transactions.

2. Almost half of in-store customers conduct online research on their smartphones whilst in-store (Research from Think with Google)

Being able to create a collusive customer experience that caters to different types of shopping behaviour will maximise profitability opportunities whilst increasing customer satisfaction. Price-sensitive customers size up both on and offline options before determining the best value for money, whilst carefree consumers chose to forego potentially cheaper online alternatives for the purchase immediacy a physical store provides.

3. 74% of organisations are not confident in their measurement of digital ROI (Research from the Big Digital Survey 2016 – Marketing Metrix)

Marketing Metrix help organisations access and integrate customer information allowing them to accurately calculate digital profitability. Linking and analysing on and offline customer behavioural data to create unified customer experiences also increases customer satisfaction, loyalty and value.

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