Voters under the microscope

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The data scientists at MM, bored of all the usual Election malarkey, strove to shed a new light on the 2019 General Election. We carried out analysis to investigate what voters felt about themselves. Our discoveries were not disappointing - have a look at what we found.


We decided to cover the four most influential parties; Lib Dems, Conservatives, Labour and The Brexit Party. The Survey was designed to gain insight into the personality types of the typical supporter for each party. We found that Lib Dem voters believe that they are the fittest - both in terms of physical activity and attractiveness, while on the other hand Labour voters find themselves believing that they are the least attractive.

Supporters of Farage's Brexit Party seem to think that they are the most unfit and unhappiest in the land. This contrasts to the cock-a-hoop Conservatives who feel the happiest. Finally, despite their declared attention to fitness, Lib Dem voters admit they are the most likely to drink alcohol, however, Tory voters top the table for the booziest of the boozers.

A look at the finer details

Lib Dems 

  • They're the fittest folk, with 61% saying they usually or always feel energetic 
  • They also feel the most attractive, with 32% suggesting their appearance is above average 
  • These voters also top the physical activity standings with 50% saying they are very/extremely active 
  • They also believe they are healthy eaters, with 61% having a diet score of 7 out of 10 or above; and they are the least likely to eat meat, but the likeliest to eat chicken and fish
  • However, they’re the most likely to drink alcohol: 82% do so
  • But that doesn’t mean they are social smokers - only 1 in 10 say they smoke


  • Conservative supporters are the happiest, with 68% claiming they feel mostly or very happy
  • They are the thirstiest voters. 56% drink alcohol twice a week or more and 6% drink every day
  • 86% of Tory voters are self-confessed carnivores
  • However, they are not far behind the LibDems in terms of believing they have the healthiest diet, with an average score of more than 7 out of 10
  • One in five counts themselves as a rugby fan


  • These voters are the least likely to drink alcohol, with 69% of them claiming not to drink at all
  • They label themselves as having the worst diet out of voters - only producing an average score of 6.5 out of 10. Around two thirds have takeaways delivered at least once per month 
  • Overall, they think they are the most unattractive, with 30% believing they are unattractive or not very attractive

The Brexit Party 

  • They are the least happy (although only just beating Labour voters to this dubious accolade) with only 51% saying they are mostly or very happy and 22% claiming they are sad
  • They are also the least energetic, with only 42% saying they usually/always feel energetic
  • Only a third give themselves a score of 7 out of 10 or higher for their level of physical activity
  • Almost a quarter (24%) say they smoke
  • They are the likeliest to take a chance on the Lottery (24%)